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Fun is learning, learning is fun.

The more learning, the more fun.

Glenn Doman

Training games are the most

effective way of teaching

Experiences of coaches and training methods specialists from all over the world confirm that use of training games raises participant engagement levels and the effectiveness of training.

Welcome to the Play4Skills world

Utilizing the effectiveness and attractiveness of learning by playing, we have created a range of training games and interactive trainings:

Examples of utilizing training games:


Lots of fun and lots of learning. A practical test of knowledge. High effectiveness.


Automated, attractive and effective means of pre-selection. Save time with us!


Contests, integration events with training games, employee of the month competitions and many more.

Need more?

Create your own game with us in three easy steps!

Tell us what you need, and we will help you create a unique concept.
We will create an application that will satisfy all your needs.
Learning by playing
After creating an interactive game, you can go on to do what’s best – playing.

Design gamification with us! Gamification is:

game mechanisms to different areas of life.
to change for better.
from what we are or should be doing anyway.

About us

We believe that the most effective way of learning is learning by having fun. We have created an array of modern business games that educate, inspire and entertain.

What others say about us

  • On-time realization, efficient organization of training process. The Play4Sills Group is a reliable partner, that you can entrust with coaching your staff.

    - WSiP

  • We recommend Play4Skills as a reliable and trustworthy partner, whom we are glad to entrust with training in the field of risk assessment in projects.

    - BSH Sp. z.o.o

  • The Play4Skills Group has exhibited great levels of professionalism. The program was adapted to our company’s character and the needs of the group. The coaches had a wide range of knowledge.

    - Rafako

  • We recommend HolonGlobe as a trustworthy partner and deem their educational tools professional and very useful in the educational process.

    - Politechnika Krakowska

  • We especially appreciate the company’s involvement in preparation, it has made the product all the more attractive for the users and enriched its educational value.

    - Starter

  • The contractor has exhibited flexibility, reacting swiftly to our needs in the process of training execution, adjusting to our company’s needs.

    - Vattenfall IT Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Contact us

Phone +48 508 381 003
or +48 660 561 068
email: hello@play4skills.com
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